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New Zealand Whey Pro-Series CONCENTRATE is designed for people of all ages looking to increase their protein intake.

Our Concentrate formula only uses Cross Flow Microfilteration (CFM) processing, resulting in a 100% undenatured whey protein product. The Concentrate whey has healthy fats, Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which might help reduce body fat deposits and improve immune function. It's also beneficial for those looking to control appetite and reduce carbohydrate cravings.

This unique formulation contains a full range of Amino Acids involved in muscle protein synthesis, it assists in the building of lean muscle mass when combined with regular resistance training and a healthy balanced diet. It’s also a great source of protein to help build and repair body tissues. 


Your Trusted Source for Purity

  • Cross Flow Microfiltration (CFM) Whey ONLY!
  • Higher Immunoglobulins 10% vs. 1-4% in competitor brands
  • Grass-Fed Whey Protein
  • High in BCAA’s
  • 100% All Natural Ingredients
  • Hormone and Antibiotic FREE
  • Wheat, Yeast, Gluten and Soy FREE
  • Carrageenan FREE
  • No Preservatives, Artificial Flavours, Colours and Sweeteners



  • 5
    Great tasting and easily digestible

    Posted by Richard on 14th May 2024

    There are many unflavoured New Zealand why proteins, but this is the best-tasting, best-smelling, and easiest-to-digest that I've found.

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    Kala Whey

    Posted by Bodine Williams on 7th Feb 2021

    Superior Whey

  • 5
    New Zealand Whey Protein

    Posted by Thomas Penland on 28th Feb 2020

    I have been using New Zealand Grass Fed Whey for 10 or more years. My original vendor stopped selling and I found KAHA and am very pleased with the replacement product. Very affordable and fantastic protein. I work out with weights and running. Me and my wife both use the product. Thank you for a great well functioning product. I trust KAHA to have the best Protein available on the market.

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    Whey Protein Concentrate Natural Flavour

    Posted by Susan Nameth on 5th Sep 2017

    I've been using this product for over ten years to make breakfast smoothies. I tried all of the flavours, but liked the natural the best, as it does not mask the flavours of the berries and other ingredients that i add to it. Great product!

  • 5
    Best protein for digesting and assimilation

    Posted by LifeLONG NUTRITION on 21st Mar 2015

    I tried many many proteins over the years in my career as a body-builder and as a health and nutritional coach. Most protein powders bloated me and gave me gas. I could never find a common high end protein I could take as well as recommend for my clients without getting complaints from at least 30% of them. Having had more than 10 clients, as well as myself taking New Zealand Whey original whey protein, I am happy to report a 100% success rate in terms of NO complaints and the feedback about this AMAZING protein has been just that, AMAZING!!! I will definitely highly recommend New Zealand Whey protein to all my clients and every other personal trainer I know and respect. This is a must have product because of it's very high quality, ease of digestion, assimilation and price.

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    Makes great smoothies

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jul 2014

    I have been using this product to make breakfast smoothies for at least five years. Pardon the pun, but it's smooth and filling.